Two out of two for Olivier Vanderhasselt

The first 5* winners of Brussels Stephex Masters 2022 are known, but our riders also fought for victory in a number of exciting 1*, 2* and 3* classes today. It looks like Olivier Vanderhasselt is certainly in the winning mood. He triumphed in his CSI1* class on both day 1 and day 2 of the Brussels Stephex Masters.

You clearly know how to win here Olivier, tell us your secret.

If I had a hidden strategy I would definitely share it, but I think it’s mainly the vibe here that makes me win. The crowd is excited, the atmosphere is buzzing and that definitely boosts my game.”

Or maybe the grass just suits you and your horse really well?

Yes, the arenas are beautiful. I love riding on grass anyway. But everything surrounding them is also very top-notch. Anyone who can compete here is a lucky rider. I am very happy to be there. The Brussels Stephex Masters and Knokke Hippique are the highlights of my year.”

What is left on your wish list at the moment?

I certainly hoped I could be here with more horses but unfortunately that’s not possible this year. As a rider you sometimes find yourself in a situation when your horses are either sold or injured. For me now is such a time. Pearl Harbor 7 (v. Perigueux), which I am competing at the moment, has only just come back from an injury. I am now carefully getting him into a bit more routine. A few years ago I was on the podium of the 2* Grand Prix here. My brother Philippe even won it afterwards. Next year we will definitely come back with big ambitions. Not only me but the whole Vanderhasselt family is a fan of this event.”

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