Discover the new event grounds and its stunning grass arenas

Everyone joining the fun at the Brussels Stephex Masters this week, will be stepping into a truly magical experience. The thrilling top-class sport, the unmatched atmosphere and the dazzling animation this event is known for, will, as of this year, be brought together at a brand-new, stunning event site featuring not one, but two grass arenas.

Many Olympic and World Champions will be participating in Belgium’s only 5* show held on grass, with the ROLEX Grand Prix, presented by AUDI, as its highlight. Also, this year there will be even more competitions because a second arena has been added to the event grounds.

Don’t miss out on the absolute best the glorious equestrian world has to offer! Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the Brussels Stephex Masters from the 24th to the 28th of August in Wolvertem (free admission and parking).

Sneak peek: new event site, familiar surroundings

The Brussels Stephex Masters will still take place at the Stephex Stables domain in Wolvertem. But this year, the setting will be even more spectacular. You can check out the pictures below for a sneak peek of the new Brussels Stephex Masters. But do come and experience for yourself how the new location adds to the unique atmosphere of the event.

The most striking upgrade is undoubtedly the addition of two superb grass arenas. Organiser Stephan Conter: “Just like so many others, I think there is nothing quite like the beauty of a smooth, green show jumping arena. Also the riders usually prefer to compete on grass. With our events, we want to immerse both the fans and the stars of our sport in a world made of dreams. And what better way to do this, than by adding grass arenas to the experience? Moreover, a meticulously installed grass footing helps to prevent injuries. Absolutely nothing is more important than that.”

The arenas are named after two of the most visited tourist attractions in Brussels: the “Grand Place” (main arena) and the “Sablon”.

1 million euros of total prize money, 5 different categories

No less than one million euros in prize money will be distributed over the course of the week. The organisers are geared up to welcome nearly 200 professional riders aiming for victories in various CSI 1*, 2* and 3* competitions and rankings. The event also includes opportunities to develop young equestrian talents thanks to its competitions for 7 and 8 year old horses.

Of course, the Brussels Stephex Masters is above all a stage for the champions among the champions. From Thursday the 25th of August onwards, numerous World Championship and Olympic medal winners will take part in the only CSI5* show in Belgium that is held on grass.

ROLEX Grand Prix, presented by AUDI (1m60 | €500.000) | Sunday the 28th of August, 2 p.m. (14h.)

Peder Fredricson, Steve Guerdat, Jérôme Guery, Jessica Springsteen, Kevin Staut, Scott Brash, Roger-Yves Bost, Pieter Devos, Daniel Deusser, Harrie Smolders, Grégory Wathelet,… these are but a few of the many decorated top riders who would not want to miss out on the Brussels Stephex Masters for the world. Their mission: victory in the absolute highlight of this event: The ROLEX Grand Prix, presented by AUDI.

The Grand Prix, which is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, will be broadcast live on Belgian National TV (Sporza) and will also be shown live on

Stephex Exclusive Foal Collection | Friday, 26th of August, 9 p.m. (21h.)

If you are looking for the best horses in the world, Belgium is the place to be. Just check the results of every major show jumping championship over the past few years. That is why the Brussels Stephex Masters is of course the perfect location to get your hands on a future world-class performer.

On Friday the 26th of August the Brussels Stephex Masters will host the auction “Stephex Exclusive Foal Collection”. The collection includes 15 brilliant foals whose bloodlines are possibly even more impressive than their appearance. It is a rare opportunity to acquire a foal that descends from legendary champions and are bred from of exclusive Stephex mares.

You can join the auction at the event or online via

Open to everyone, completely free of charge

At the Brussels Stephex Masters horse lovers and lifestyle enthusiasts from all over the world enjoy an unforgettable event in a summertime atmosphere. Top-class sport, delicious food, exquisite lifestyle shopping and a varied entertainment programme: you wouldn’t want to miss out. So come over, we’d love to have you!

  • Dates: Wedsnesday the 24th until Sunday the 28th of Augustus 2022
  • Join: Linthoutseweg; 1861 Wolvertem (free admission)
  • Watch at home: (worldwide – entire event) | Live on Sporza (Belgian national TV  – Rolex Grand Prix, presented by Audi)
  • More information: visit or download the Stephex Events App

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