Daniel Deusser and Killer Queen Vdm lest best in 1.55m Audi Prix

BRUSSELS – Taking home the win is something Daniel Deusser did literally and figuratively at the Brussel Stephex Masters. With his top mount Killer Queen Vdm the German rider for the Stephex Stables was the last to go in the 1.55m jump-off and killed it for the home team. Beating Martin Fuchs by just a fifth hundred of a second. 

The home team did an all-around great job this evening in the feature class of the day that included an Audi A3 Sportback for the winner and 100.000 euro to divide amongst the top ranked riders. Lorenzo de Luca (ITA) and Nuance Bleue Vdm Z (by Nabab de Reve) finishing in third place and Kendra Claricia Brinkop (GER) taking fourth place with Kastelle Memo (Thunder van de Zuuthoeve). 

Fit for Champions
Course builder Uliano Vezzani set a task fit for champions tonight with the number one and two of the FEI ranking list also finishing in the same order in Brussels. Current European Champion Martin Fuchs and his fierce jumping mount Chaplin (by Verdi TN) took calculated risks in the finale of the 1,55m Audi Prix that required both speed and the ability to turn on a dime. The pair crossed the finish line in what seemed an impossible time to beat and the Swiss rider could almost feel the keys of the Audi in his hands.

With Daniel Deusser as the last rider of nine to go, the Olympian knew the task at hand. Jumping a truly fast but also a very harmonious round with his eleven-year-old-mare Killer Queen Vdm Z he delighted the crowds by finishing faster with just 0.05 seconds to spare. “As the last rider winning the final class of the day with my best horse, it could not be better”, Deusser responds.

Speeding tickets
“The atmosphere tonight was already incredible without me winning. It has been a long time ago since we’ve had the public cheering us on in such great numbers”, the winner comments on the experience at the show. Since Deusser sped through the jump-off the question remains, will he also speed with his new Audi? “I am very happy with this car, and I will try not to speed too much. Luckily there are no speeding tickets in showjumping.”

Team effort
With three Stephex riders in the top four of the five-star class and Petronella Andersson scoring her second win in the three-star classes the home team is on fire. “I think Stephan (Conter) will be very happy. Not only with the results of the riders but also with the efforts of the whole team who have organized a fantastic show”, the winner concludes happily.

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