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Knokke Hippique

19/06 - 14/07/2019 - 5th edition

Every event has a story. Welcome to ours...

Speaking about Knokke Hippique we must add the following: this is an experience and a holiday’.

Sun, sea, the beach, and sand, where horses jump, children play, and adults wander around happily. The horse circus travels around the world in record time, while in Knokke time stands still for a moment.

What summer holiday is for students in school, Knokke Hippique is for the riders. A time to unwind, by the sea, in the tranquility of the nature of the Zwin.

This is not an event,
this is an Experience.


Breathtaking Moments!

Creating a magical atmosphere, with quality above all. In everything we undertake, perfection is our passion.
It is about tasting, feeling and enthusiasm. Minutes of applause... standing ovations.
It's what we want to share with everyone.
Memories Book - 2019


Enjoy Knokke Hippique in Style!

This is the best way to treat your customers and guests with an exceptional VIP experience, where fabulous food is combined with top-class sport and unique entertainment. Lunch and dinner are enjoyed with a breathtaking view of the competition arena.
Choose between the Trophy Club, a VIP table, or our Champions lounge (private lounge and terrace).

Enjoy the best moments of the competitions and shows while lunch or dinner is served at your VIP table. Your table can accommodate 6 or 8 people. Our fresh buffet offers premium food and has a large array of options for you to choose from. Your table gives you VIP access for 7 sessions from Thursday to Sunday.
Entertaining guests in the Champions Lounge area is ideal for companies and organizations looking for that special set up – a comfortable setting in which guests will enjoy great sport, amazing entertainment and outstanding food. This private area is available for up to 30 guests. There, your personal chef will prepare exquisite food in an incredibly chic setting.
After your meal, the private terrace overlooking the main arena is sure to wow your guests.
The VIP Hospitality welcomes you
from 11:30 to 17:00 (lunch)
and from 18:00 to 23:00 (dinner)


Thank you for their incredible support !

A partnership with Stephex Events is an unforgettable experience. Innovative, exacting, upbeat, enthralling, and surprising. Just like us, but for you. By putting our expertise at your service, we provide you the highest quality of service possible as you benefit from an increased visibility with both a wide and niche audience. We would love to develop a sponsorship package that fits your objectives and generates new business opportunities.

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Enjoy your Stephex summer experience!

Knokke Hippique is an unparalleled event where the best international showjumpers gather in the most exclusive coastal town of Belgium: Knokke-Heist.

During the Knokke Hippique Summer Circuit, you will be able to compete at various levels and to ride up to five horses while combining three different divisions in three different competition arenas.
You have a wide range of possibilities:

Future Stars YH / Prestige League 1* /
Super Cup 2* / Top Series 3* / CSI 5*.

Confirm your participation today and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

Wall of Fame

Home of the Champions

Lifestyle village

We all have magic inside us.

The atmosphere is fascinating for all of you : visitors from children to parents and grandparents.
Feel the sport watching the arena, play with your children, take a drink around a table with friends, enjoy a delicious lunch...
With a free entrance, everybody is welcomed to live the excitement of the shows and take part in the fun entertainment opportunities.
Ideal shopping occasions are guaranteed in form of numerous stores, food stands and many more as a perfect companion to round up the Stephex experience.


Walking through our exhibitors’ village immediately immerses you into an exclusive lifestyle experience. In addition to an extensive selection of equestrian apparel boutiques and saddlers, we feel it is important to include other everyday brands that are sure to inspire you.

Whether you’re looking for that new pair of perfect jeans, a dazzling evening gown or that special piece of jewelry to match your outfit, you’ll find it here!


Create memories with us


All the useful information for the press and how to request an accreditation.

Knokke Hippique

Show Location

8300 Knokke-Heist

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