Hermès and Knokke Hippique launch the Hermès Young Talents Tour

In collaboration with Hermès, Knokke Hippique is proud to launch the first edition of the Hermès Young Talent Circuit.

During the second week of Knokke Hippique, running from the 27th until the 30th of June 2019, the best U25 rider in the CSI3* Top Series, the CSI2* Super Cup and CSI1Prestige League will be awarded with additional Hermès prizes.

In the Top Series, riders can earn points in the following classes:

Class 303

Class 305

Class 308

Class 309

In the Super Cup, riders can earn points* in the following classes:

Class 203

Class 204

Class 208

Class 210

In the Prestige League, riders can earn points* in the following classes:

Class 102

Class 105

Class 107

Class 109

Points will be awarded to all competing riders. The U25 riders will be awarded the points that they obtain in the general classification. The best U25 rider from the general ranking in hers or his category, is the winner of this category. In case of a tie for the 1st place, the result of the Grand Prix will be decisive.

The prize giving takes place ahead of the CSI5 Grand Prix on Sunday.

It is mandatory for the leading U25 rider to present herself/himself at this prize giving ceremony. If not, the prize will go to the next rider.

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