This is not an event,
This is an Experience.

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A passion for Perfection

"In the end, it is not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments that took your breath away. That is our DNA and the inspiration we use for the organization of Brussels Stephex Masters and Knokke Hippique."

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Brussels Stephex Masters

Brussels Stephex masters is the world’s most prestigious international show jumping competitions in the shadow of one of the city’s famous landmarks, the Atomium. At the Brussels Stephex Masters you will experience equestrian sport at it’s very highest level, and across different competition categories : Prestige League, Super Cup, Top Series and a 5*, the most spectacular level our discipline has to offer. Top riders from around the globe have already signed up for this event - one that will quite literally take your breath away. In addition to sport, the Brussels Stephex Masters offers further excitement and pleasure with its exclusive entertainment and shows.

Knokke Hippique

Speaking about Knokke Hippique we must add the following: this is an experience and a holiday’. Sun, sea, the beach, and sand, where horses jump, children play, and adults wander around happily. The horse circus travels around the world in record time, while in Knokke time stands still for a moment. What summer holiday is for students in school, Knokke Hippique and Knokke Hippique Summer Circuit are for the riders. A time to unwind, by the sea, in the tranquility of the nature of the Zwin. Or in the ambiance of the beach bars. Because life is more than just riding. A horse must be a ‘happy athlete’. We add other dimensions to this fact, the happy rider, the happy owner, the happy visitor, the happy family.

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