The Hermes Young Talent Circuit winners are: Catherine Brentzel, Tom Wachman and Sienna Charles

In collaboration with Hermès, Knokke Hippique has crowned the winners of the second edition of the Hermès Young Talent Circuit this week. 

In the Top Series CSI3*, the Super Cup CSI2* and the Prestige League CSI1* the highest ranked U25 riders were awarded beautiful saddle pads, wraps and a Hermès trophy.

We congratulate the winners of which the future definitely looks bright!
Prestige League CSI1*: Catherine Brentzel (USA)
Super Cup CSI2*: Tom Wachman (IRL)
Top Series CSI3*: Sienna Charles (GBR)

Catherine Brentzel (USA) Photo: Sportfot
Tom Wachman (IRL) Photo: Sportfot

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