I’m Fancy Vdm Z (Kendra Claricia Brinkop) best 7-year-old of Knokke Hippique 2022

For those who have been following the young horse competition the past few weeks, it didn’t really come as a surprise. After being placed in every class and winning three of them, German rider Kendra Claricia Brinkop guided the mare I’m Fancy Vdm Z (I’M Special de Muze x Vigo d’Arsouilles) to victory in the final of the 7-year-old horses (presented by Zangersheide).

I’m Fancy is a real competitor,” Kendra proudly explained. “3 victories in 3 weeks , 2 of which in a final, that’s absolutely amazing. If she qualifies for a jump-off, it is extremely difficult to beat her. Despite her young age, I’m Fancy is very easy to ride. She may seem rather small, but I assure you. When you ride her, she feels huge.”

Just over a year ago I’m Fancy Vdm Z joined the Stephex team. Before that she was stabled at her breeder, Lisa Bruggeman: “I’m Fancy was always the first horse I saddled when I started riding for the day. I loved to ride her. As a young horse she was an excellent loose jumper. So we knew very early on that she could be a top talent.”

I’m Fancy was bred by the Bruggeman family, also known for Killer Queen Vdm, and Nuance Bleue Vdm Z, two famous horses that climbed to the international top level at Stephex Stables. Her dam is Gotile Horta, a Vigo d’Arsouilles mare that performed very well in the young horse circuit under rider Walter Lelie. The mix with the Emerald blood of I’M Special De Muze was clearly a good choice.

Kendra: “I’m Fancy stands out. People that follow her, expect great things from her. But I don’t like to put much pressure on a young horse like her. Of course, the World Championships in Zangersheide is still an important goal for us. A horse like I’m Fancy really belongs there.

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