Lifestyle village

Lifestyle Village: Where lavish gems and an extraordinary shopping experience await you

Looking forward to a new adventure at the 2023 Brussels Stephex Masters? Are you already envisioning all the other experiences you’ll enjoy, besides the astonishing top-level sports?
But hey, why wait? Take a digital stroll through our captivating Lifestyle Village right now, and let your anticipation soar!

With about 25 exclusive shopping stands, our Lifestyle Village is a meeting point of style, class, and unforgettable impressions. Here, you’ll find soul-touching artworks, top-notch high-tech brands, cutting-edge fashion, and even gourmet dog treats. Not to mention, we’ve got dreamlike wedding attire that can transform your fantasies into reality, and of course, an array of equestrian must-haves that will make your heart race with excitement.

Curious for a sneak peek? We’ve got you covered. To make things easier, we’ve organized everything for you. Check out the list of exhibitors below, divided into two categories: horse equipment and lifestyle.


This year’s Lifestyle Village is home to a diverse array of lifestyle brands. From exquisite artworks to cutting-edge fashion, our visitors will explore a curated selection of top-tier brands that redefine luxury living, Stephex Style. 

Are you in search of handcrafted, ethnic chic, items for your dog, horse, or even for yourself? Look no further than Ahorasi. Ahorasi is joining the Brussels Stephex Masters for the 3rd time this year. 

Explore exclusive products and offers at their booth. Don’t forget to check out the Guapa collection for horses and the Diego collection featuring the most exquisite dog collars and leashes.

And let’s not forget: by purchasing Ahorasi creations, you are contributing to the living conditions of Mexican indigenous communities.

Ahorasi means “Now Yes” in Spanish, reflecting their proactive approach: There’s no time to waste – let’s get to it!

Looking for a local real estate agency? Allow us to introduce you to ColorCasa.

At the Lifestyle Village, ColorCasa provides a glimpse into their real estate offerings, including apartments, houses, plots of land, commercial spaces, garages, and new construction projects, all situated within the Wolvertem – Grimbergen – Londerzeel – Meise region. Accompanied by a refreshing drink, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for their database to keep yourself updated on their properties. Even scheduling a visit or tour is an option. On the spot, they also offer a look at brochures and are happy to give you detailed information on construction projects and properties. 

Moreover, ColorCasa offers property valuations for those looking to sell their residence or land. They gladly provide advice and detailed information about projects.

Don’t hesitate to visit their booth and be captivated by the stunning properties they have to offer. At ColorCasa, it’s not just about properties; it’s about making your dreams come true.

Color Casa Meise

Looking for high-quality, tailored nutrition for your canine companion? Look no further than Butternut Box. With an innovative approach to dog food, specifically their line of fresh meals, Butternut Box is on a mission to win over the hearts of new dog owners.

Butternut Box believes in providing the best for your beloved pet, and that’s why their meals are crafted with fresh meat and vegetables, free from any unwanted additives. These meals are a testament to their commitment to your dog’s health and well-being.

Butternut Box goes beyond just providing food; they’re dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. Their convenient home delivery service makes it easier than ever to provide your dog with the very best. Don’t miss the chance to explore their offerings and discover why Butternut Box is the choice for those who prioritize their furry friend’s well-being.

Butternut box

When you are at the Brussels Stephex Masters, you simply have to take the time to meet Michael Peetermans.

Returning for another year, he will be unveiling an exquisite array of artistic creations. This accomplished artist will present his distinct series “René Casso,” “Vaantje,” “La Vie en Renée” and the whimsically imaginative “Mijn kunstige Mosselen.” 

Laurent Richard Père & Fils offers a unique collection of exceptional wines selected with passion and expertise passed down through generations.

High-end entertainment speakers, headphones, and televisions

Christl has a passion for combining art with functionality. She creates each of her pieces by hand, so every design is unique. For the Brussels Stephex Masters, she designed a horse in the brand colours of the Brussels Stephex Masters that can also be used as ambient lighting. Be sure to visit Christl Dekimpe’s stand to be enchanted by her amazing work.

Belgian Sculptor

Just indulge 😉

Follow us to sunny Italy, where passion and artistry come together in the form of handcrafted wedding dresses. La Roza Bianca brings these Italian masterpieces to Belgium, carefully chosen from the most talented designers. Each piece tells a story, woven from the finest fabrics and adorned with the most delicate embroidery. Dream of Italian elegance on your special day!

Equestrian equipment

In our Lifestyle Village, you’ll discover an impressive lineup of horse equipment brands. From essential riding gear to state-of-the-art technology for horse care, visitors can delve into a carefully curated selection of leading brands that cater to all aspects of equestrian needs.

In search of top-quality equestrian gear? Then be sure to pay a visit to the Equipe booth. Known for an exceptional range of saddles, bridles, saddle pads, and girths, the brand is dedicated to delivering excellence in craftsmanship and meeting all the requirements of riders.

Get ready to dive into a world of technological marvels tailored for the equestrian realm!

Swing by the C&C Complet stand in our Lifestyle Village to witness these game-changers in action:

  • The Moskito Fly Control is a high-pressure pump system that periodically releases an insect repellent derived from wild chrysanthemums. It’s like a spa day for your horses, keeping those pesky insects at bay while giving your equine companions a serene and pest-free environment.
  • Drimee is the equine solarium of dreams! With 12 infrared lamps and strategically positioned fans that offer a mix of warm and cool breezes, your horse’s time under the solarium becomes the ultimate wellness retreat.
  • The Tow & Collect is a user-friendly waste remover that can be effortlessly towed by various machines. Simply hitch it up and go!

Gear up and visit the C&C Complet booth!

Horse Feed – Supplements -Snacks – Roughages – Stable accessories

Based in Italy, Kask specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality.

With their extensive product knowledge and use of high-quality materials, Lieven Henrickx team offers expert guidance on equipping your horse for optimal performance.

CWD is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances.

Competing at the Brussels Stephex Masters? Don’t forget to take home a picture of your time in the spotlight!

Step into the world of SIAA®️ Horsewear, where the perfect blend of style and well-being awaits. Their premium products are crafted with both the horse and rider in mind. Explore half pads made with medical-grade materials, and technical show rugs that are not only 100% customisable but also breathable.

At SIAA, innovation and quality are their hallmarks. They listen closely to extended team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, veterinarians, and professional riders, to ensure their products genuinely make a difference.

Visit the stand and discover the latest collection. Your horse deserves the very best!

Visit us!

Be a part of the Brussels Stephex Masters story and experience the luxury, class, and excitement that this event has to offer. You can visit the event from 23 to 27 August 2023 (free admission and parking).

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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Katrien Van Miert


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