Kick-off day at the Brussels Stephex Masters

Enthusiastic riders and relaxed horses on the grass

This is summer at its finest: bright sunshine, green grass, horses all around and, most importantly, lots of happy faces. How we have missed our audience at the Brussels Stephex Masters. It looks like we are all in for a wonderful week of exciting top-class sport, exclusive lifestyle shopping and breathtaking entertainment.

These are the first winners of the Brussels Stephex Masters 2022

Today, the Brussels Stephex Masters kicked off with 6 CSI classes. The riders looked relaxed settling in at the event and the horses were having a great time on the grass. However, it were the combinations below that were the happiest today. They were the first winners of the Brussels Stephex Masters of 2022.

Super Cup 2* – 1m35 – Dietz Blumen & Events
Rik Nauta & Kia Maria Vd Potaarde (BWP / Numero Uno x Chatman)

Prestige League 1* – 1m15 – Roose
Olivier Vanderhasselt & Pearl Harbor (HANN / Perigueux)

Top Series 3* – 1m35 – Max EQP
Kendra Claricia Brinkop & Takotak Z (ZANG / Telstar de La Pomme x Darco)

Prestige League 1* – 1m25 – Kask
Olivia Sponer & Adonis (DSP -BRAND / Askari x Prinz Pilot)

Super Cup 2* – 1m40 – EW Promotion
Anthony Philippaerts & Calypso de Blondel (Lauterbach x Kassidi)

Top Series 3* – 1m40 – Gaugin
Josch Löhden & Ultimus (KWPN / Ultimo x Voltaire)

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