Innovation is part of the Stephex Group’s DNA

A new look for the Stephex Horse Trucks and Motorhomes

The Brussels Stephex Masters is looking completely different this year. A new event ground with freshly laid grass tracks, an ambitious, future-oriented breeding program with a unique auction, state-of-the-art facilities for riders and horse trucks and motorhomes with cutting-edge technology: Innovation is part of Stephex Group’s DNA and this was once again highlighted today.

Just before the start of the Stephex Exclusive Breeding Collection, owner Stephan Conter revealed a modernized STX logo for the horse trucks and motorhomes. The swoosh was replaced by a sleek design. But of course, a logo is not just a logo. It represents what is at the heart of a company. For the Stephex Group, that is simple: innovation and continuous progress.

Stephan: “At Stephex we are always improving and moving forward. That’s why we have worked hard to proudly present to you the only Belgian 5* show jumping event on grass. For 25 years now, we have been enhancing our trucks on a daily basis, so our clients and their horses can get to their destination safely and comfortably. It is important for us to showcase our innovative spirit to the world and we want it to be reflected in our logo. After all, Stephex vehicles drive all over the world bearing the STX logo. We can’t wait to take you with us on our journey towards success!

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