This is not an event,
This is an Experience.

A passion for perfection.

Spirit of Stephex Group

In everything we undertake, perfection is our passion. This applies to all our creations, innovations and achievements. It’s what we want to share with everyone. Creating a magical atmosphere where people can discover and experience breathtaking moments in sports, entertainment and hospitality. That’s why we organize Knokke Hippique and Brussels Stephex Masters. Both events are about much more than riding and watching horses. In many more ways it’s about tasting, feeling and enthusiasm. From competition towards fun. And this, for riders and spectators, but also for our partners. In every section of the equestrian sport, Stephex wants to play a leading role. But at our Stephex Events each of you plays a part in the success story. Along the arena to inside the arena, from the paddock to the VIP.


Because we all contribute, everyone becomes a part of the event. Riders who give goose bumps to the public with their performances. An audience that, in return, drives the riders to great performances.Minutes of applause… standing ovations. Unforgettable moments and memories. That is our mission, from Knokke to Brussels.


 – Stephan Conter 

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